Basic hypothesis testing approaches:

t-test, Paired t-test, ANOVA (one-way, two-way) , ANCOVA, Chi-square test, Wilcoxon

Ranked Sum test etc.


Generalized Linear Models:

1. Univariate Regression

2. Logistic Regression and its extensions

3. Poisson, Negative-Binomial Regression

4. Joint modeling approaches:


GEE family Models:

1. Generalized Estimating Equation (Population-averaged models)

2. Alternating Logistic Regression

3. Conditional Logistic Regression, etc.


Mixed Models:

1. Response Profiles

2. Random Effect(s) Model

3. Generalized Linear Mixed Model

4. Non-Linear Mixed Model, etc.


Survival Analysis:

1. Life-tables and Kaplan-Meier Curves, Log-rank and Gehan-Wilcoxon test etc.

2. Cox Proportional Hazards Model

3. Frailty Models (Gamma, log-normal), etc.


Multivariate and Multidimensional Analysis:

1.MANOVA, MANCOVA, Hotellings-T etc.

2.Principal Component Analysis, Redundancy Analysis, Principal Co-ordinates

Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Canonical Correlation Analysis, Detrended Canonical Analysis, Factor Analysis, Metric and Non-Metric Multidimensional Scaling, Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis

3.Graphical Techniques: Biplot etc.


Non-Linear Regression Models:

Power Regression Model, Log-linear Regression Models etc.