Microarray and Next Generation Sequencing devices are often used to determine the condition a living cell is in. For example these devices help us to identify condition of  “healthy cells”  vs “cancerous cells”. However to understand the key mechanisms involved in these conditions one needs to understand the processes involved, the goal being to bring back the organism from a diseased state to a healthy state.


Computational Biology/Systems Biology or Synthetic Biology play an active role in this domain, where “virtual cells” allows one to understand the functioning of these processes in order to generate new hypotheses in order to optimize animal experimentation. At Indigonet Services, solutions are customized as per client requirements to generate predictive models based on training data and/or even build model of systems where no data is available.


Some practical use of such virtual models include optimization of fermantation processes in brewery and commercial production of enzymes such as insulin.



R has a powerful tools and infrastructure that would allow one to:


1. Simulate biological processes such as enzyme and reaction kinetics.


2. Simulate diffusion and transport mechanisms inside cells.


3. Simulate regulation and control of metabolism.



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