Next generation sequencing (for example Illumina, Roche, Solexa) generates huge amounts of data which are not comprehensible without sophisticated programs and algorithms. By using R Indigonet Services can help life scientists in understanding and interpreting these data.

Gathering data from omics technologies such as microarrays and sequencing is the first step in understanding "what has happened". To understand expression of genes using these techniques and performing in-silico analysis using Systems Biology techniques such as (FBA, Pathway Modelling) enable us to predict "what will happen" to the organism of interest.

Standardized quality procedures to perform preliminary analysis of omics technologies is compulsory to interprete these data as per FDA. Therefore standardized pipelines for analysis and storage capabilities such as LIMS are important. We support these capabilities for the following platforms Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina arrays and custom arrays.

After preliminary analysis, robust statistical and machine learning procedures are required to get maximum information from these data. We have developed specialized statistical and machine learning algorithms to perform these type of analysis. As every analysis is customized on experimental requirements, contact us for a free consultation on what solution may fit your problem the best.